Best Paint Color for Small Living Room

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A small living room has its own perks and downs equally. However, the big concern associated with a small living room is its size.

That motivates us to be trying every unconventional trick in the book to achieve the mission of a bigger space. Then, let’s use the paint color for small living room for an obvious effect.

Well, you don’t need to settle for white as an obvious choice. Can’t we paint our walls with some pop colors and at the same time, make them appear as a bigger space? Of course, a plenty of color options are brought today in our list that are recommended by the top interior designers.

Best Paint Color for Small Living Room:

Best Paint Color for Small Living Room

1. Sage Green:

Our very first color for small living rooms is sage green. The soothing effect of this color can be used as a backdrop to many statement pieces, or décor. In other ways, this color creates a calming vibe in small living rooms. It has a mixture of grayish and silvery undertones which helps in transforming a space into an elegant yet cozy home.

2. Crisp white:

This white is also referred to as the ultimate neutral. It has an equal amount of brightness, and hues in its undertones. That’s why; it can easily complement any other colors in the same room. The vibe of this color is again cozy.

3. Off-white:

Offering a cleaner palette for the home makers, this off white is mostly suggested color by the experts. It is a bit on the side of softness but it can pull off the look of a spacious space.

4. Dark blue:

Dark blue is famous for growing elegance and boldness in any room. Small living rooms have hidden potentials to pull up the bold colors like dark blue. When it is accompanied with the right color, it won’t scream. Trust me!

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5. Pastel Yellow:

A great way to elevate the style of your living room is using the beautiful shade of pastel yellow. Obviously, this shade color has gone out of trends, and sometimes in trends. But the experts believe that this shade is still unexplored by many homeowners. Pastel yellow can be used for accompanying the minimalist décor, or bold colors to create more statement looking living.

6. Teal:

The teal which leans towards more green can be used for amplifying the smaller spaces. As, unlike the bluish teal which has more hue than the green one can be worked easily by combining with the jewel tone accents. This will act as a visual relief for the darkness created earlier by the teal. Hence, it became the top choice for the best paint color for small dark living room.

7. Steel gray:

This shade has a beautiful silvery-gray undertone. It gives a very sophisticated and more modern day décor to the living room. The other choices of steel gray are the ones with blue or green hints, and another resembling with black, and charcoal hints. Pairing with the cool colors like blue and heartwarming shades such as orange in the furniture can ace both minimalist style, and industrial style.

8. Charcoal:

You want a dramatic look in your small living room, and a more moody vibe. Go for charcoal! It acts as an amazing alternative to black color. Industrial, Scandinavian, and minimalist style can be integrated with the charcoal color. The more styling ways with this versatile neutral color is jazzing with ornamental pieces with glossy finish, and lastly lighting works as the cherry on the cake.

9. Lead Gray:

This Benjamin Moore’s shade is for the homeowners who love the coastal beauty. This handsome shade has bluish-gray that recalls the memory of an ocean view in the dusk. Considering the fact that it creates a somber environment, therefore contrasting with the whites, or warm color will break the boredom, and add more tranquility from the colors.

10. Normandy Blue:

You can consider another Benjamin Moore’s shade that is Normandy blue. It is used by the expert Megan Molten who used this single color in a small living room which has vertical open shelves. And it magically made a depth in the small living room despite being a darker shade. Of course, you can add the earthy tones in the form of furniture, or warm tones in accessories to strike the balance in focal point.

11. Peach:

One of the best neutral paint colors for small living room is peach. This is a versatile neutral color, and has always been a popular shade. When used in the rooms, the color can give a boho farmhouse feel. Some of the popular combinations of peach with other shades are in the following:

  • Whites for airy
  • Gold for heavenly, and royal
  • Off whites for soothing
  • Black for distinctive energy
  • Navy for turning heads

12. Olive Green:

Green shade is often symbolized for its statement nature and adding natural vibrancy to any interior designs. A perfect shade of green can change the game of the entire landscape. Another special thing about this color is that it can glow up as a neutral shade too. O

live green is the most popular choice in the wide range of green shades. You can use them all in one paint color for walls, creating distinct nature by making it accent wall and adding the soft neutral shades for a sophisticated look.  Moody and more elegant ways to use olive green is by adding an earthy tone such as brown, and similarly use white for a minimalistic classic look.  

13. Chocolate Brown:

In case, you adore the art pieces, and some of the paintings have bold colors in them. And you wish to pair these frames with a great shade to balance them each other out in your small living room. Chocolate brown can do this work for you. The chocolate brown has an aura to transform a room with such elegance that boasts heritage to the visitors. A proper lighting and whites in the furniture grace majesty.

14. Khaki:

The famous interior designer Woelfel stated that, “Neutrals are a natural trend because they have the ability to clear the air and provide a clean background for endless design and decor possibilities.”  The process of pulling up the color in a small living room can be daunting for some people. That’s why choosing Khaki as a neutral tone works as best paint colors for small rooms.

Closing Note:

If you feel extremely anxious while choosing the best paint colors for small living rooms, then start with a comforting paint. Otherwise, consulting a professional expert can be even helpful as they can tell the exact shade range to pick from the book that reflects the best light of your house.

A living room facing a particular sun direction can lighten up, and yet drop the color length accordingly, and hence an expert can be the best option. Even if you wish to create a luxurious aura in your living room that shows how much you care visually.

Moreover, you can change the accessories of living rooms easily to experiment with different styles.

If you like the list of paint color for small living room, or want to share your experience, then do comment down. We would highly acknowledge your generous comments.

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