How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

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Still looking for some tips to arrange living room furniture?

A house is a reflection of one’s personality as it tells the guest about how you’re as a person.  The living room is the spot which grabs the very first attention of your house, when somebody visits your house.

Guests and relatives spent a good quality time over there. Hence, it became so important to take care of this showstopper.

Every house owner seems to worry about how to keep the living room well put together, and glamorous.  And that brings you to this blog to guide you exactly on how to arrange furniture in living room. Furniture is the requisite element of any living room. Misplacement of furniture can bring an unpleasant view of a living room.

In order to achieve a harmonious looking living room, the first step is to closely analyze the shape, strength, weakness, height, and width of the living room.

This process will give a primary understanding about the different possible ways to maximize the living room space. Now, let me give you some great inspirations and ideas on living room furniture arrangement. It will help you to work on it without feeling overwhelming or puzzled.

Beginning with the Timeless Living Room Furniture Arrangements:


Beginning with the Timeless Living Room Furniture Arrangements:

1. Get a sorted Living room and dining room in L-shaped room:

Lessening the focal point around the awkward corner in the l-shaped living room is the most challenging part. Hence, therefore, it became one of the favorites for many home designers.  The correct approach for l-shaped rooms starts with measuring the area. Then, grouping the areas of the living room is to help in defining the purpose such as dining, seating area, and fireplace. Place the fireplace, or TV on the end wall, and sofas to its opposite on the longer side. Try to keep the seating area smaller, and use round tables for dining, and side tables for maximizing the space.

2. Assemble everything into the center:

A genius way of arranging the furniture into the center works wonders for a living room which is small, has big windows, or has no walls. Bringing all the furniture such as the sofa, coffee table, arms chairs, and side table to the center of the living room, appears as an island.

It looks intentional after coming out with a lot of room. Be aware that keeping the simplicity in the design of the pieces should be intact otherwise; the whole floating arrangement will look ruined.

3. Harmonious, and comforting:

Symmetric style arrangement, being one of the oldest techniques where there is a sense of uniformity, and organized. Trace the way from the focal point (TV, or fireplace), and arrange living room furniture in that order. The output of this arrangement is quite appealing to the eyes.

More ways of symmetric styling are using the same patterns in furniture, a well balanced proportion, maybe a slight hint of asymmetric signature pieces, and fun around pillow covers.

4. The tricky living rooms:

If your living room has different and quirky shapes unlike the traditional shapes such as square, or rectangle, then this tip is for you. Like always, understand the shapes, and size of your living room.

It may give you hints to decorate, like for e.g., you have an insanely heightened ceiling, then go shopping for a right chandelier. Similarly, a curved sofa for the curved living room or an art piece can help in embracing the uniqueness.

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5. Dividing into zones:

Does your living room appear as if it is a train, or a long hallway? It is highly possible that the living room is long, narrow and lastly rectangular. Here, the mission is to break the narrowness, and continuity of the living room. So, dividing the area into smaller sections is the key.

The sofa can be l-shaped or lightweight armchairs depending on the width of the living room. Floating seating will also minimize the narrowness, and give an illusion of a “bigger living room”. The slimmer furniture is better suited, and try using the vertical space for making hanging shelves, or other storage cabinets.

More inspiration for living room furniture arrangement

1. Move the bulky pieces first!

They say, “Eat the frog first”, and the same goes with the bulky furniture too. Deciding to tackle the positioning of the bulky furniture such as the sofa, cabinets, side table, and TV is like doing all the tough work first. Once you are done with them, you can easily further get an idea on how to arrange the other small pieces to compliment them with bigger pieces.

2. Flexibility in living room:

It is hard to move the furniture once it is assigned to its respective place. However, investing in a furniture piece which promises flexibility is worth every penny. Flexible pieces are like side tables, ottomans, and light weighted seats which can be easily tossed around the living room according to one’s will.

3. Using a rug to group the seating pieces:

Rugs are incredible pieces for drawing the attention of the visitors. The seating pieces look uniform, and even out when one puts them on top of a rug. No doubt, it has texture, and vibrancy to break the monotony of any living room.

4. Made especially for conversations:

Be it an important meeting or chilling together, the living room is the ultimate place for comfortably sitting down to talk. Achieving the intimate vibe within the living room is easy. Place the seating furniture such as sofas, or chairs close to each other. Another way is placing two sofas facing exactly opposite to each other. Within arm ‘s distance, you should be able to reach the side table, and a round coffee table will be another add-on for giving the joy of togetherness.

5. Separating the space by using sofa:

Having a big and large living room can lessen the cozy vibe. It is pretty much the same as a long, narrow and rectangular living room except the width.

The aim of the arrangement of furniture should be done in a manner which will create an intimate living space, and give direction to the eyes. Sofas are big pieces of furniture which take up a lot of space. Hence, you can use them to make a partition between two areas.

6. A quick guide for TV placement:

The placement of a TV in a living room should be away from the sunlight, and other harsh lighting. And always keep your TV in a non-disturbing setup, as this ensures a comfortable watch for you. Many of the times, the TV serves as a focal point while arranging the seating space. Otherwise, it will become jarring to watch the TV. Not to forget about the right size of TV that should be aligning to the size of the seating area.

If you’re planning to put both the TV and fireplace at the same spot, then do check the advantages, and disadvantages. So that, you end up with a good result that will not hamper the space.

7. Double persona:

Symmetric style arrangement is often used for bringing unity in furniture pieces. But how about trying some funky asymmetric pieces? It may be a great way to use two different colors, and patterned sofas next to each other. Two paintings can be also experimented by giving each of them a different persona from one another.

8. Ditch the sofas:

The small living rooms can sometimes look unbalanced with big sofas. And you are oftentimes stressed about picking the right size of sofa while going furniture shopping. In that case, ditching the sofas, and getting independent arm chairs will be the best alternative for your sofas and plus some flexibility in living rooms.

9. Work on details:

Sometimes, we forget to add an element of statements in coffee tables, and side tables. Details on this furniture show the dedication towards decorating them. And the eyes of the guest grab the details and start becoming a conversation starter. But, you should stay away from this tip, if you have a small living room.

10. It’s okay to keep the chairs away:

When it comes to living room furniture arrangement, the interior experts always stress upon how important it is to keep everything seems natural, and balanced. They say, when you force a look in the arrangement, it will stand out to shout loud. Similarly, there is no need to keep the chairs facing the fireplace. Keeping them away from the fireplace also does an exceptional job to the living room.

Last Thoughts on How to Arrange Living Room Furniture:

The right mindset to arrange living room furniture must begin with a purpose. As, once you know why then automatically you can plan out how to use the areas.  Think about the traffic flow, and then create spaces between the pieces to walk freely. The lighting plays an equally important part in creating an ambience that looks visually incredible.  Moreover, you can incorporate the styles which align to your personality. Don’t think too much about making sense to others, as it is okay to be unconventional with your styling.

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