Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

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Still looking for Diwali decoration ideas for home?

The light festival is just around the corner. A lot of excitement seems to be taking place in all of us. The festival of Diwali brings auspicious and positive energy to the houses.

People share gifts, food items, decorating their houses, and going on shopping to get their new attires. One thing you can’t deny is that decoration is the key in the Diwali festival.

All the localities in India are dolled up with colorful fairy lights, and rangolis that are made on the entrance on this day.

I know that sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what kind of decorations will be great for our homes. As we want to celebrate the festival of diwali in a grand and fun way. So, fret not! I got you some really cool diwali decoration ideas for home in this blog.

10+ Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home:

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1. The candles and Diyas:

It is a fact that they call this festival a festival of light. So, how could we forget about the candles, and diyas? Hell not, these décor items are purely going to change the ambience of your house.

To jazz up more with diyas, and candles, get some statement and quirky candles or diyas, and place them on your coffee table. It is going to attract the eyes of people, or guests who will be visiting your house on diwali.

Since, the visual beauty is the main focus of Diwali, but that shouldn’t limit you from trying out the scented candles. It will let your home smell aromatic, and sweet. Children and pets are vulnerable, so therefore, I advise you to use the modern electric diyas over the humble diyas.

2. Rangoli:

There is a religious belief that making rangoli is a sign of welcoming Hindu wealth goddess Laxmi. People make lotus with powdered colors at their entrance to get rid of any bad or evil energy.

However, the process of making these colorful rangolis are really fun to do. The end result will give you so much satisfaction, and joy. You can find plenty of rangoli tutorials on youtube, and google which are easy to do, and so beautiful.

3. Flowers:

Garlands of marigold flowers have always been a part of the Diwali celebration. The vibrant and warm tone of yellow and orange color marigolds instantly compliment with the lights of candles. Of course, you can either consider the real flowers, or artificial ones depending upon your preference and budget.

Garlands can be used on the door entrance, walls, and coffee table accompanying the quirky candles. Some of the other ways you can think of are trying flower rangolis.

Pour some water into a vessel and then put petals on top of it. If you have stairs, and railings, you can wrap around the marigold or other favorite flower garland. Obviously, the puja place shouldn’t be left when it comes to flower decoration in Diwali.

4. Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights are a quite convenient form of diwali Decoration ideas if you’re concerned for your pets and children in your house. Gone are the days, when you were allowed to stick to rice fairy lights, or sea shells lights. As today, a ton of variety can be seen with fairy lights like disco balls, string LED lights, rope lights, and lanterns.

DIY Idea alert: In your house, you may have some unused glass bottles left. These glass bottles can be reused for decorating purposes by putting the fairy lights inside of them. Another cool way is to use the curtain, and fairy lights to serve a beautiful-looking backdrop for clicking pictures.


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5. Food:

Rasgullas, Sandesh, Gulab Jamun, Malpua, Ras malai, Kaju Katli, Gheowar, and other sweet dishes are the essential sweet delicacies. Similarly, snacks such as Samosa, Dahi Vada, Chakli, sweet Murukku, Aloo Bhujia, and the list just goes on.

I’m sure after reading the above sweets, and snacks name, you will be right now mouth watering. These delicious corners for snacks and sweets make great decor ideas for Diwali.

But, before you place your serving dishes on the table for the buffet, put a colorful runner to give a contrast background for your serving dishes.

Diwali is popularly known for the preparation of different kinds of food. These are made for gifting the neighbors, loved ones, and guests. Therefore, it should be a part of your Diwali party.

6. Sitting space:

It is pretty obvious that you will be visited by the guests or neighbors at your place. So, the living area should be first of all neat, and clean. Then, you can arrange the furniture to your likings.

Carpets can guide you to design the layout of your sitting space, and toss the pillow covers that go well with the diwali decor.

For instance, try to get the cushion, and pillow covers with warm and vibrant colors. Beads, sequins, and satin can be an awesome idea, if you’re looking for more detailed looks with your covers.

7. Decorating the puja room:

We Indian people have been doing the rituals of welcoming the goddess Laxmi on the auspicious day of Diwali for ages now. Being a holy and sacred place, a puja room needs to have its own decorations. You can place the statue idol of the wealth goddess made up of brass, or silver.

Then, there are “chowkis”, a platform where you place your idol statue. “Chowkis” come with great variations in sizes, and colors.

Now, you need a puja thali that has the essential stuff such as flowers, sindur, earth diyas, sweets and nuts, rice grains, and more to perform the rituals. You can also invest in hanging shelves to hold the diyas and candles.

8. Go with the theme:

It is time to elevate your diwali decorating ideas and get yourself to this challenge. Then, themes for the diwali party can be a major thing for you to check out. Going with a color scheme, or paper crafts such as lanterns or it could be doing something with glass, or dupattas. These themes will surely make your Diwali home décor as “the talk of the town” for several days. And, it will encourage people to be creative like you.

9. Greetings and Banners:

In case, you pose some designing or artistic skills, then you can design your own custom greetings cards and banners. Don’t worry! If you feel these things to be too bothersome for you, you can find online some of the free designs, or stores that offer such banners at an affordable range.

You can hang your banners at the entrance, photo corner, food corners, or any appropriate spot of your house to welcome and greet the people. They will always remember this kind gesture of yours after getting a greetings card.

10. DIY paper cup light garland:

DIYs are satisfying projects, and it could get more in terms of décor items. This is one of the budget friendly diwali decoration ideas, and yet easy to follow. You will need paper cups, fairy lights, scissors, cello tape or glue, and a ribbon for this DIY paper cup garland. You can place it either on the windows, doors, or curtains for a modern look.

11. More details:

Everyone can make a décor look that may appear to others as ordinary and expected. To blow the minds of people, you can go grand if you are so rich.

However, the tiny details in home décor are some of the least expected. Therefore, you can play around the statement pieces such as plates that have an elegant art, adding laces, or ribbons around the jars and bottles, making DIY chandeliers, and henna candles.

12. Specially aiming at water babies:

In above, I have mentioned that using a vessel and filling it up with water then, spread the flower petals on the surface level of water.

But, if you have a huge tub, then you should absolutely benefit from it. In the same manner, you need to pour the water, and get your favorite flowers’ petals to be spread over it.  Along with petals, floating candles, and diyas can be added to the tub. It will look so ethereal, and mesmerizing because of the light reflections in the water.

13. Bedroom décor ideas:

On the occasion of Diwali festival, it is considered to limit the usage of burning candles and diyas in the bedroom. But, you can use fairy lights or string lights as an alternative for candles. Every bedroom has a huge and full length mirror, and so you can stick the string light on the mirror frame.

Trust me, the mirror will automatically lighten up your cozy space, and turn off the light switch to feel the beauty.  Plants can also be similarly decorated with the lights, in case you don’t have a full length mirror.

Since, we came to the last part of this blog. I would like to let you know that all of these diwali Decoration ideas can be created in any budget range. So, get ready to kick-start your preparation for diwali and happy diwali!

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