Top Trees for Small Gardens and Urban Spaces

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Growing green, and voluminous trees around your house appears quite picturesque. Whether you find flowering trees or colorful leafy trees or fruit trees as per your preferred style, then, there are a lot of options to get.

The foremost obvious step is to measure your garden area. Later on, you can match the desired trees’ traits with the measurement when you’re researching trees for small gardens.

An important criteria to note before is planting your desired trees at a good distance from your house. This is done in order to restrict the roots growth towards the property.

In our previous blog “top front yard landscaping ideas”, I have mentioned how an ornamental tree can serve the right outcome for small gardens. There are even trees that are achievable in dwarf variants.

On the other side, homeowners need to equally pay attention to the tree maintenance, and requirements. Basic needs include quality of shade, color, and consideration of privacy and climatic conditions. In a way, the plant experts do suggest going for slow growth tree variants.

Now, let’s get into the list of small trees for gardens to help the best match.

1. Champa or Plumeria Sp:

In India, and majorly humid countries find these plumeria trees quite alluring. The sweet smelling flowers, and color options of Champa trees is the highlight point.

Growth height: varying upto 30 ft

Color options: pink, yellow, red, and white

Can be grown in pot: yes

2. China rose or Hibiscus:

Hibiscus flowers and leaves are infamously known for exhibiting medicinal values. You can put them in places such as gardens, pots, and terraces in a very easy manner.

Growth height: varying upto 16 ft

Color options: orange, blue, peach, red, pink, purple, yellow, and white

Can be grown in a pot: yes

3. Japanese maple:

Are you obsessed with Kashmir’s autumn falls? And you wish to bring the same atmosphere to your house. Then, Japanese maple trees will help you to build that aesthetic view. Other than that, you will be very relieved to know that these trees are less encountered by insects and diseases.

Japanese maple trees can greatly thrive in the given zones such as 6, and 4. It is worth noting that this plant needs special attention from its caretakers if you’re planning to plant it in humid regions.

Growth height: varying upto 30 ft

Color options: it changes its color according to the season.

Can be grown in a pot: yes, slow growing plants

4. Flowering Dogwood:

A popular tree that one can easily spot in the backyards or front yards of Eastern North America properties. Just like our above mentioned tree, Flowering Dogwood also shows a specific change in a particular season. It bears its fruits and foliage in fall which is the food for many songbirds.

And, in spring, you can see the four petals of flowers covering the entire tree. Similarly, the textures of aged Dogwood tree bark changes in the winter.

Shallow roots can make the native Canadian tree a little tricky to handle. However, when you start to research about the plant, you will be rewarded with a beautiful tree one day.

Growth height: varying upto 40 ft

Color options: Depending upon the variants, white or pink.

Can be grown in a pot: Yes, but needs special care


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5. Crabapple (malus):

The flexibility and diversity are the features which makes the Crabapple tree so special among the exterior designers. The experts tell how each variant of Crabapple tree can be used for a specific purpose. And, specifically if we talk about small gardens, then using the dwarf variants can give you the desired outcomes. These dwarf trees for small gardens are generally picked out the most for cottage, and Asian styles.

Growth height: varying upto 20ft

Color options: white, pink, red, and purple

Can be grown in a pot: Yes, but needs special care

6. Golden shower, or Cassia Fistula:

A quick warning about this ornamental tree is that its fruits are poisonous to some animals. Therefore, letting them grow around the sidewalks, or near streets should be prohibited.

And of course, you can make sure that your pets are well distanced from this Golden shower tree. Planting them at the center of your garden can easily enhance the focal point majorly. The yellow color flowers are in cascading style that puts the scenic beauty out loud.

Growth height: varying upto 25ft

Color options: only yellow

Can be grown in a pot: Yes, but heavy duty containers

7. Orchid:

In Asian culture, one can easily navigate the significance of the medicinal values of orchid trees. The healing properties of bark, flower buds, and roots which can cure various diseases. Despite the medicinal values, the flowers are the main focus of the orchid trees. In India, one can find this flowering  tree in the lands of Arunachal Pradesh.

Growth height: varying upto 35ft

Color options: red, white, purple, pink, yellow

Can be grown in a pot: Yes with consistent pruning

8. Weeping Trees:

Here are the three types of weeping evergreen trees for small gardens. These trees are truly going to play the exact role if you wish to have a modern dramatic view in your garden.

  • Juniper:

Tolleson’s weeping Juniper seems well-branched which can greatly grace the landscapes. A dwarf variant of weeping tree truly stands out with bluish-green foliage. It can be styled with rocks, and a water pool to make it happen.

Growth height: varies upto 15 ft

Can be grown in a pot: yes

  • Mulberry:

A little history about the mulberry tree is that they were the food of silkworms back in the days of silk trading in China. As with the most weeping evergreen trees, mulberry also enjoys the tag to be known as drought variant. It comes around male and female trees, and the female tree bears the edible sweet mulberries.

But, hey just to let you know that these berries can fall off, and cause stains on the ground. So, do take this into consideration!

Growth height:  male (15ft), female (8ft)

Can be grown in a pot: yes

  • Willow:

Another native china plant needs your attention when you’re searching for weeping evergreen trees for small gardens is the weeping willow.

Variations are also provided for willow trees such as crispa, babylon, scarlet curls and golden curls. Obviously, the romantic appeal of this tree visibly comes out when it is near a water body. So, if you have a water pool, or any damp areas then you can grow it.

Few of the drawbacks with this weeping willow are its nature as a weed, and attracts a lot of diseases over the time.

Growth height: varying upto 40ft

Can be grown in a pot:  yes, mostly with dwarf variants.

9. Lemon tree:

My grandmother has planted a lemon tree in our backyard. When one goes near to this tree, they are often lost with the citrus smell. Grow them as your next very small trees for small gardens, and enjoy the smell like I do. With the lemons, you can make your own lemonade, pickles, and DIY home fragrance spray.

Growth height: varying upto 20ft

Can be grown in a pot: a definitely yes

10.  Eastern Redbud

Widely popular for its ecological values, Eastern Redbud trees supply the food to the organisms such as birds, and insects. Due to the low maintenance, a good and low height, and beautiful flowers, these trees are major favorites in the US. And somewhere,  they do share the similar disadvantages as weeping willow.

Growth height: varying upto 30ft

Color options:  pink

Can be grown in a pot: yes

11. Silver Oak:

This exotic Australian tree is the tree which is not closely related to the original Oak trees. Rather, it is a flowering tree with its uniqueness. When you pass by these trees, you feel some sudden calmness inside you.  It perfectly became an idle option for building privacy.

Growth height: varying upto 115 ft but not fast growing in India.

Can be grown in a pot: No

12. Saucer Magnolia:

The largest blooming tree in our entire list is Magnolia. Spring days will be the time frame where one can get mesmerized by the beauty of these blossoms.  A proper research should be done in order to purchase the better suited variant. Star Magnolia, Lilly Magnolia, and Anise Magnolia are the other variants which are great if you’re looking for small trees for gardens.

Growth height: varying upto 25ft

Color options: white, and pink

Can be grown in a pot: yes

Closing Note:

As, you can see how each ornamental tree has specifications to show in every season. Flowering trees bring the energy of vibrancy in your garden space.

Since, all these small trees for gardens are stunning to keep, however, you can also try landscaping elements to spice things up. A little chair, water pool or fountain,and  bordering them with rocks and marbles are some of the ideas to think about.  Got some thoughts to share then comment down!

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