Top 10 Florists in NYC

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New York City, with its vibrant tapestry of culture and sophistication, provides the backdrop for breathtaking floral artistry. New Yorkers can delight their senses with top-tier florists that combine creativity, craftsmanship, and botanical elegance into vibrant street scenes. In this guide we present 10 florists who speak the language of flowers with every arrangement being an artistic creation in itself.

From UrbanStems’ modern elegance to Parisian-inspired romance of Ode a la Rose, these florists transcend traditional boundaries with an impressive range of styles to suit every floral need. Floral Heights in Chelsea captivates with personalized attention while Banchet Flowers in Upper East Side transforms blooms into living sculptures. Starbright Floral Design or Rose Red & Lavender elevate floral design into art form.

Top 10 Florists in NYC

1. UrbanStems: Modern Elegance

UrbanStems has been taking the flower market with its innovative and elegant designs. With a focus on sustainability, they procure their flowers responsibly, ensuring that every arrangement is beautiful and sustainable. Whether you’re celebrating a significant event or need to brighten someone’s day, UrbanStems’ artistic creations will create an impression.

2. Ode a la Rose: French Flair in the Big Apple

Infusing a sense of Parisian romanticism into a City that is never asleep. Ode a la Rose specializes in exquisite, hand-crafted floral arrangements influenced by classic French flower arrangements. They are known for their care for the smallest detail; this florist ensures each flower is a masterpiece. From colourful mixed bouquets to simple, refined aromas, Ode a la Rose will surely please any floral lover.

3. Floral Heights: A Chelsea Gem

The location is in the centre of Chelsea; Floral Heights has been a favourite of locals due to the unique style of floral design. They use only the finest seasonal flowers. Their arrangements are a perfect representation of the beauty of nature. If you’re looking for a striking centrepiece or an elegant arrangement, Floral Heights’ skilled florists are waiting to bring your ideas to reality.

4. Starbright Floral Design: Timeless Creations

Over the past two years, Starbright Floral Design has been a mainstay in the NYC flower scene, renowned for its timeless designs that go beyond fashions. With an experienced team of designers, they have various choices ranging from traditional bouquets to modern floral arrangements. Starbright’s dedication to excellence, as well as customer service, has helped them earn a prestigious reputation both among visitors and locals.

5. Banchet Flowers: Artistry in Blooms

Banchet Flowers, nestled in the Upper East Side, is known for its unique floral designs. Influenced by fine art, the arrangements of Banchet Flowers are live sculptures, mixing textures, colour, and shape. If you’re looking for a unique bouquet or floral arrangement, Banchet Flowers’ creative team is committed to turning your ideas into a floral masterpiece.

6. Rose Red & Lavender: Whimsical Garden Vibes

Rose Red & Lavender, located in Brooklyn, is the perfect florist if you’re looking for a more whimsical and garden-inspired style. Specializing in wildflower arrangements and distinctive botanical designs, this quaint studio brings natural nature to our urban surroundings. Their dedication to sustainability and locally grown flowers adds an extra dimension of beauty to their selections.

7. Winston Flowers: Luxury Redefined

Winston Flowers, synonymous with elegance and class, has been a prominent fixture in the world of flowers since 1944. With its flagship store on Madison Avenue, this iconic florist caters to people looking for the exceptional. From extravagant bouquets to extravagant floral arrangements for events, Winston Flowers consistently delivers with its promises of unparalleled style and class.

8. Floral Fixx: A Brooklyn Hidden Gem

The location is in the heart of Williamsburg; Floral Fixx is an undiscovered gem that has been capturing the attention of Williamsburg residents with its distinctive floral designs. In keeping with a laidback Brooklyn atmosphere, This florist blends contemporary design with a hint of rustic appeal. Suppose you’re looking for flowers to celebrate a casual occasion or an eye-catching centrepiece for a formal event. In that case, Floral Fixx offers a variety of bouquets that will satisfy the needs of every person.

9. Ariston Florist: Family Tradition Since 1977

Ariston Florist is owned by a family serving its NYC community with passion and pride since 1977. With a dedication to quality and personal service, the boutique’s floral arrangements have stood for the years. If you’re celebrating a milestone or grieving, Ariston Florist’s experienced team will ensure that every arrangement conveys the warmth and genuineness of a touch of family.

10. Flowers by Richard: Floral Artistry in Harlem

Harlem’s very own Flowers by Richard is a testimony to the area’s vibrant energy. With a strong emphasis on creativity, Flowers by Richard creates floral flowers as varied as the people they serve. From bright, tropical blooms to classic rose arrangements, Flowers by Richard provides a splash of colour and vitality to the flower landscape of Harlem.


New York City, with its bustling heartbeat of urban living, features an exciting floral scene full of artistry and creativity. New York’s top 10 florists showcased in this guide are true masters in their field; offering vibrant bouquets to fit the tastes and special events across New York’s five boroughs.

Winston Flowers in Manhattan and Floral Fixx in Brooklyn provide two distinctly distinct notes to New York’s floral palette. Beyond simply selling flowers, each establishment creates memories through exquisite arrangements designed by them – as much as possible by hand-making each flower arrangement themselves!

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