Roses: Varieties, Care, and Symbolism

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It’s funny how, when asked to name a flower, people usually answer “rose.” Roses have become everyone’s special flowers all over the world. In every society and civilization, roses have their own meanings and are used as a particular gesture. Cultural importance aside, you can grow the rose plant in your gardens. With its beautiful rose flowers, the whole garden will pop up instantly.

Before you head out to get your rose plants from local nurseries, knowing about the rose varieties would be better. In nurseries, there is a high chance that you may feel overwhelmed by the different varieties of roses. And we’ll also tell you how to do roses care. So, read the blog till the end!

Starting with the Rose Symbolism:

In the Tudor Dynasty, the royal families of England happened to carry a unique symbol to identify themselves in that era. Moreover, the history is filled with literature beautifully depicting the symbolism of roses. The flower rose symbolizes the innocence of a woman, and sometimes the thorns refer to the obstacles in life.

It is also interesting to see how people have developed new symbolic meanings for different rose colours over hundreds of years. The reason for such creation is that there are around 300 rose varieties. Red roses are always in demand because lovers can express their love to their beloved. It signifies a strong passion and love.

Hence, red roses go out of stock on Valentine’s Day’s eve. One can encounter white rose decorations at weddings and other events to convey new beginnings and wish them harmonious bonds. Friendships can be celebrated with yellow ones. In a sorrowful scenario, the black rose can be given at funerals for family members to gain strength and offer them condolences.

Different varieties of Roses:

In the primary case, there are three main categories to understand for roses. These are the following:

1. Old Garden Roses:

As the title suggests, these rose categories are the most historically present since 1867. There are differences between old garden roses and modern garden roses. An old garden rose grows in a fixed time frame, unlike the annual blooming of modern garden roses. When you are around the old garden roses, you will be fortunate enough to inhale the intense fragrance of their double-blooming flowers. Over the years, evolution has caused them to become disease-resistant variants.

2. Modern Garden Roses:

A higher probability is there to witness Modern Garden Roses in your surroundings. From 1867, the old garden roses underwent the hybrid process. Hence, it gave birth to the modern garden roses. This modern garden rose is immensely preferable to a large number of crowds. The ability to bloom annually makes them an ornamental flowering plant for garden enthusiasts. The vase’s life is also longer than the old garden rose flowers.

However, the texture and fragrance of the modern roses seem to be off from the old garden roses.

3. Wild Roses:

One can easily recognize a wild rose by counting its five petals and pink colour. The hybridization and cross-breeding seem higher between the old and modern garden roses. Here, it is seen to breed between two variants relatively less. The blooming of its five petals happens annually, and it is rare to see red, white, and yellow wild roses.

4. David Austin Roses:

One of the most expensive flowers, David Austin roses, went into the breeding process in 2002. Afterwards, it became an instant favourite among the florists and admirers of flowers. It is a modern garden rose with a sweet fragrance and mesmerizing blooming flowers. Low maintenance is another perk of this Juliet rose (a.k.a. David Austin Roses). When you look at this plant, it seems soft and romantic due to its pastel flower colours.

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5. Miniature Roses:

A small garden area means to have limited plants within a certain height. Miniature roses meet those limitations, as they grow around 2 ft. These rose plants don’t have thorns, making them a good match for kids and pets.

6. Floribunda Roses:

Usually, a typical rose plant carries a single bloom on one stem. But what if you can have multiple blooms in one stem? Now, that can be possible with Floribunda roses. These roses may not have a solid and sweet scent, but their large clusters of blooms make them a favorite to all.

7. Grandiflora Roses:

There is a slight difference when comparing Grandiflora Roses with Floribunda roses. The blooming flower size is more prominent in Grandiflora Roses than in Floribunda roses. And the bloom will leave you with a citrus scent.

How to take care?

A generous amount of sunlight, about 6 hours, should be showered onto the rose plants. The full sun exposure will protect your plants from getting fungal infections or diseases. Watering depends on what kind of soil that has been used to grow rose plants. And, yes, it is crucial to pick the right variant of rose plant to make the gardening hassle-free. We advise you to immediately check your plant and garden area to remove the dry leaves or affected plants. Hence, it doesn’t allow the plant to use its energy to repair. Moreover, pruning is another thing to consider during rainy seasons, as the plant will create its roots within no time.

Pest or disease management can often be controlled by selecting robust rose varieties. Even so, taking time to get information about potential threats to rose plants is much better. Not just about this, you should educate yourself more about rose gardening practice. It will boost the health and growth of your blooming beauty.


Here, it brings to an end this rose care, symbolism, and varieties blog. The enormous numbers make it hard to mention every variety of rose plants. Therefore, we have shared the most popular yet readily available rose variety. In case you wish us to make a blog on other rose varieties or simply any other flowers. Then, please comment down your thoughts; we would love to add more such blogs.

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