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Every person dreams of buying a brand new home to settle down. Largely paying attention towards the area, price, locality, and connectivity of the house are the most typical steps taken by homeowners to inspect before making an investment. This causes the buyers to get ready for the ill-fated consequences of not going through a thoroughly checked home inspection.

Home inspection for buyers is the best way for making a good decision of whether a property is worth your money or not.

The home inspectors are qualified enough to visually examine both interior and exterior of the properties. Once they find some damages, or any other defects, they put it in a report for the buyers.

This report now works as a negotiation tool for buyers as it can help them to either reduce the cost of property, or out of this contract. Basically, it provides a sense of transparency, and awareness of the property between both buyers, and sellers.

All You Need to Know Before Signing Up for a Home Inspection!

This piece of information is much needed before signing up for any home inspection process.

  • Home inspection takes place right after the potential home buyers going through a purchase agreement for the new house from sellers.
  • The clause of “home inspection contingency” must be added in the agreement. As, if you find many damages, then you can simply have the power to back out.
  • The buyers are actually responsible for hiring a home inspector and the repair costs.
  • In case, there are many areas in the house where it needs to be repaired. Then, you can either negotiate the price or simply ask the seller to do the repairs.
  • And lastly, don’t forget to get the Seller’s disclosure statement and read it beforehand.

Now, if you’re a first time home buyer, and has got zero idea of what to expect from your home inspectors in the report. Then, you are at the right place as this blog provides the ultimate home inspection checklist for buyers.

Home Inspections Checklist:

Home Inspections Checklist:

1.   Look forward for any leakage issues

The signs of plumbing and leakage problems are structural damages. These structural damages include cracks, peeling of paint, water leaking from the taps, or clogged drainage. Going around the kitchens, and bathrooms of properties will unearth such structural damages. In kitchens, while doing chores, you don’t want the water drainage to be clogged or the flow of water to be neither so slow nor so fast.

Meanwhile, you may find the taps, shower, wash basin, and toilet have corrosion, or leaking water. During the inspection process, the inspector also goes through every room’s wall to visually identify any possible signs of internal pipeline malfunctioning.

2.   Quality check of electrical work:

A big turn off, and major deal breaker in any house investments is when buyers get to know that the electricity connections are made poorly.  Noone will willingly risk their lives concerning the fact of electricity.

At first, checking whether the switches are correctly working with its correct responding lights, plugs, and fans. By this way, they can record the non-working switches in the mail panel. Also, these electrical systems should be approved as an upgraded tool. Meeting the current standards and testing before coming into application.

3.   Ensure a proper inspection of wooden work:

Wooden works are not getting out of fashion in any day and age. You must take care of the wooden works that are present in forms as doors, cabinets, stairs, windows, cupboards, and more. Detecting the early problems like termite infections, proper opening and closing of doors, finishing, and signs of cracks.

Remember that the home inspection company are may not associated to remedied. In that case, you need to hire the professional from a specific cleaning agency.

4.   External surroundings:

One of the important things of a buyer home inspection checklist is often to get missed out while inspection. It is happening due to inspectors, and buyers are so much focused on the interiors of the house. That they forget about the exterior. But, the exterior parts play a pivotal role in the health of your house. Anything going wrong in the exterior such as rotting or cracks can cause damage in the long run.

  • The foundation, and bricks placement should be done in an even manner.
  • Security, and flexibility are the two most important factors for entryway gates. This will protect your loved ones from thefts, and break-ins.
  • When it comes to the balcony and terrace, tiles and seepage can be concerning factors. As ill-fitted tiles can cause gaps and lead to spending a huge amount of money on roof repairs. Other than that, the houses residing in an apartment also are exposed to balcony wall leakage from the neighbouring properties.
  • Even though gardens and backyards are not often an area that many professionals strictly examine. But there are some of the essential things that must be checked out. For example, gardens should have proper area, and water connectivity to grow plants. Similarly, no hidden entries should be there that could lead to several security issues.


Roof Maintenance Checklist for the Home


5.   Smart home or home automation:

This is also applicable to home inspections checklist. Home automation or smart home technology raise the value of real estate more than regular housing.

Hence, making them an expensive investment. But if the whole setup doesn’t adhere to its functionality, then it would be a waste of money. Appliances such as heaters, cooling equipment, automated systems, or built in appliances are also covered in the report.

Things That are Not Included In the Home Inspection Checklist.

This type of information is generally included in the contracts of home inspection companies. So, reading the contract beforehand will be highly beneficial.

  • The inspector generally does a visual inspection therefore they don’t tell the in-depth cause of problems such as paint. They will not check upon the paint quality.
  • Expecting the professionals to check the inside of a chimney or fireplace thoroughly is a bit no-no. As they don’t cover the components working well, and vent systems.
  • Rodents, and pests are serious threats to the housings. However, they only emphasise the presence of pests.
  • They won’t go through the internal wiring, underground septic system, and sewer lines. These areas are meant to be opened or drilled to find the actual cause.
  • It is better to hire a professional expert to ensure a good quality check of swimming pools, hot tub, or spa.
  • There are certain local rules and regulations which home buyers should follow-up. As, home inspectors are not responsible for

violating any municipal building codes. So, it is home buyer who needs to set up a meeting with municipal code inspection.

VA Home Inspection Checklist:

VA Home Inspection Checklist:

People residing in the United States who want to apply for VA Home loans also need to be verified. Both military officers, and non- military veterans can avail themselves for the VA Home loans. It is because of their top notch services that allows many US citizens to choose them. However, here is a thing that needs to be qualified in order to get the VA Home loans.

The first and foremost step taken by the VA is home appraisal. This home appraisal was made by the third-party company to ensure the property is meeting the essential requirements.

Appraisal also then goes on to compare the market fair price with your new property. The period of conducting the complete appraisal is about 10 business days.

If the minimum property requirements (MPRs) report of appraisal comes out negative for the home loans, then you need to say goodbye to this property for the betterment. And if it is positive then you can move on to the next step that is VA Home Inspection.

The inspector here uses the specially designed VA Home Inspection Checklist to ensure the customers get safe and comfortable housing. It is also important to note that home inspection is not conducted by VA. So, you need to pick a home inspector to dig deeper for knowing any potential deal breakers.

As this will help home buyers get protected for further unnecessary investments. Moreover, there are other ways if a buyer is concerned with a specific problem. They can either ask reconsideration of value or directly getting a discount from the sellers or getting another property. It is great way initiative to be secure with

a right property for the future. So, it is better

for both VA Home loans and home buyers

to ensure a good housing and gets the

approval of loan.

On the closing note:

They say “Choices are the hinges of destiny.” A wise decision is always going to protect you from misfortunes, and have great satisfaction.

And using this buyer home inspection checklist is definitely a wise decision while thinking about home inspection. Being prepared, and having enough information about the whole process will make it easier to understand. And hence, you end up getting your dream house. That won’t give you surprises in the forms of repairs, or mishappenings.

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