Best Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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You already know that your closed one loves gardening so much.

Well, congrats! Many people are often confused about what to give, and whatnot. But, gardening gifting range is also very wide to choose from. There are tools, planters, plant seedlings, seeds, books, courses, and a lot more in this range to gift. Another great perk is these items are not so expensive to buy.

So, you need to understand closely which gift item will be beneficial to their daily gardening hours, and bring a smile on their face. I have made a list of best gift ideas for gardeners that are unique, and yet functional.

Best Gift Ideas for Gardeners:

Best Gift Ideas for Gardeners

1. A stunning Planter:

A plain looking planter may not be that appealing as a gift. Instead, going for a colorful or art inspired planter can be a great choice for gifting. It can be used in both ways as a quirky décor piece, and for planting plants indoors.

2. Pack of Seeds:

Seeds are the fundamental elements for every gardener while practicing gardening. They need seeds to grow plants all year round. These days, many seeds packaging comes with stunning designs, easy guides to follow, and lastly good quality of seeds.

3. Watering Cans:

Holding the watering cans to sprinkle the water on plants, and flowers is a joy for garden owners. However, if you notice that watering can weigh heavy for your elderly gardener (mom, dad, grandmother or father), then purchasing a can which is lightweight and easy to handle will be helpful to them.

4. Gloves:

Some of the plants require light handling. So, when garden owners use their hands, the plants get bent, or leaves get damaged. To prevent such accidents, wearing gloves is the way. Also, if you feel that your mom is constantly worrying about the dirt getting into her nails while gardening. Then, gloves are one of the best gardening gifting ideas for her, in fact anyone who is worried about his/her nail.

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5. Hats:

Do your plant enthusiasts spend longer hours in the garden than indoors? If yes, he/she is exposed to constant sunlight, UV rays, and heat.

This causes dehydration and irritation and moreover, the longer period of exposure can lead to some serious skin issues in the future. Gifting a cap can show your loved ones that you care for them.

6. T-Shirt with a Slogan or Quote

We all love wearing t-shirts as these are undoubtedly so comfortable. Is there a way how we can elevate the normal t-shirt to more personalize?

Yes, you can get a t-shirt which quotes about gardening or plants. Maybe, a slogan that your plant enthusiast truly lives by!

7. Book:

A book is a readily available source of inspiration, and guide for any specific subject. To help your gardener friend to gain this knowledge, get them the book “Gardening for everyone:

Growing vegetables, herbs, and more, at home” or “Garden secrets of Bunny Melons.” These gardening books are not only made for beginners but anyone who just enjoys gardening in general.

8. Composting Bins:

This is one of the most helpful gift ideas for gardeners you could think of. The key benefit of giving a composting bin is sustainability.

Your giftee can use the bin to collect the kitchen waste to make organic manure for the plants. This helps them when they run out of resources such as fertilizers, and mediums which supplement nutrients while plants are growing.

9. A Stand:

With the help of a stand, you can organize your plants in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. These stands can vary in size, material, and shape to better suit your gardener friends’ style.

A succulent garden with other statement pieces will absolutely look fantastic. Similarly, they can use the stand for growing a vertical garden if they are short of area.

10. Outdoor Furniture:

If the patio present in your plant enthusiast garden area is wide, then outdoor furniture will help in diminishing that empty space.

You can help them create a cozy surrounding, with comfortable seating in the garden. The ideal outdoor furniture must be all weather proof, and water resistant for ensuring longevity.

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11. Resting Chairs:

Resting chairs are the best when the patio doesn’t allow for having an outdoor living area. Moreover, they can move the chairs from one place to another easily. It is flexible, that’s why making it a best gift for elder gardener enthusiasts.

12. Birds Bathing Mount:

On a regular basis, many living organisms such as insects and birds keep on visiting the gardens. So, bringing a bird’s bathing mount on will let the birds be cool and hydrated in hot and humid weather.

13. Thick Kneeling Pad:

No matter whether your plant expert is older or younger, he/she will love a thick kneeling pad. Most of the gardening activities, such as sowing, and weeding involves kneeling.

And there is a high chance that your plant enthusiasts possibly spend more hours gardening outdoors. In the longer run, this can cause severe knee injuries, or pain.

14. Self Watering Planter or Tools:

You always make a trip with your gardener folks but they are so worried to leave their plants all alone. In that situation, you can gift them these self watering planters or tools.

Even if they keep on forgetting about watering plants. There are wine bottle stakes which come in sets of four that will allow them for many plants.

15. Journal to Record:

Growing a garden is a beautiful experience where one gets an abundance of knowledge. Keeping a journal aside while spending time in gardens, they can record their thoughts, and feelings regarding this journey.

Moreover, this doesn’t end here as further used for scheduling, tracking the growth of the greens or flowers, expenses, and a lot more for organized processes.

16. Classes for Improving Gardening Skill:

It is always better to learn from other people who have grasped the knowledge. So that, you can skip the mistakes that the experienced ones did.

If you think that a younger gardener buddy, or any gardener at all ages needs special guidance to learn, then give them a subscription to an online gardening class. For e.g., Masterclass Ron Finley features 10 classes which are 2 hours long. He speaks about how to grow plants that are consumed as food, and taking good care of plants so that you don’t kill them.

17. Lighting Equipment:

The beauty of a garden can be found at any time but there is an unusual beauty in evening and night hours. These hours, one can sit down and listen to the sounds of insects and frogs peacefully, or watch the sunset.

Gardeners love these precious moments therefore, lighting like patio lamps, personalized name neon lighting, or lanterns can make one of the best gift ideas for a gardener.

18. Rubber Footwear:

While gardening, the gardeners need a specific type material of footwear which doesn’t wear off, and also is water resistant. That’s why rubber footwear is the most picked out choice for the gardeners. It comes in different colors, and designs. And surely, they will appreciate such kind gestures of yours.

19. Gardening Tools:

Gardening requires a lot of work to do before growing the greens. Tools are a boon for gardeners, as it helps them to do the work quickly, and efficiently. Pruning shears, garden fork, trowel, weed puller, rake, shovel, and much more in gardening tools can be a thought gift idea for gardeners. Of course, the chances are high that they own some (or all) of these tools, so in that case, you can bring them a fancy, or designed one.

20. A Raised Bed:

Moving to a new apartment, or they simply don’t have much space at the current home. All they got is a balcony for gardening purposes, then you should go for a raised bed as a gift.

They will be extremely happy as raised beds solve the issues of water logging, manageable, and great for foot traffic in a small space. You must ensure that the material should be either plastic, or metal for a raised bed. It will hence, last longer.

21. Smart Garden Tech:

As a gardener, if they enjoy or have a passion towards herb gardening but they lack space in their apartment. Instead, they have started their herb garden indoors, but they are still not able to provide the right environment or nutrients to the herb plants.

Then, smart herb garden kits can artificially create such an environment by using LED light, and self watering technology for thriving the herbs.

22. Trugs!:

Lastly on the list based on gifts for gardeners ideas are trugs. Since, the produce of vegetables, and greens must be high if they enjoy a large scale of vegetable gardening.

A personalized trug can be helpful while they’re plucking the vegetables and greens in gardens. These trugs are wide, and spacious which must be a given feature.

Gifting your loved ones is a form of understanding what they need. So, do give a thought before purchasing a gift for your gardener folks.

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